mymy digital makeup

MyMy technology allows people to digitally try on specific makeup products. We are offering a white label solution to empower brands to enhance their e commerce.

Our cutting edge facial recognition technology for precise application puts the power in the hands of the consumer. The software matches the colour and textures of real makeup products accurately, allowing consumers to see what products would actually look like on their face. Download our test app from the App Store and Google Play.




Until now it’s been virtually impossible to buy the correct shade of foundation online. Selecting shades from websites normally fails as even if the colors are represented accurately, the lighting of the photo and the screen being used will hugely affect the choice. So we set out to find a way for people to find their perfect foundation.

  • - The first online foundation selector that actually works
  • - Boost online foundation sales with our unique white label solution

MyMy Skin is a new patent pending white label technology which allows people to find their perfect foundation from home. Using our world-leading facial analysis algorithms and technology, we have built a solution that gathers enough data from the user to get a great result. The system recommends the best foundation from a huge range of products, and the user can refine the result by favorite brands, price range and ingredients.

Contact us today to see how our technology can transform your foundation buying process online.