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v19 out now

All-New ClearSkin™ 5 Technology

Introducing ClearSkin™ 5 exclusive to PortraitPro 19. This brand new system is a must-have for professional portrait makers. PortraitPro 19 uses deep learning technology to faithfully replicate the look and texture of existing skin, maintaining freckles and moles while removing temporary blemishes and shine.

skin technology

Version 18 skin

Original skin

Version 19 Clearskin™5

ClearSkin™ 5 Technology intelligently maps the contours and features of the face and retouches skin accordingly, making it the most natural skin smoothing tool available.

You will be able to see how different version 19 skin enhancements are from the older versions.

In older versions of PortraitPro details such as smile lines and eyelashes can get blurred whilst attempting to eradicate skin flaws.

Version 19 removes flaws but retains these important details. A much more natural result.


Improved Fix Lighting

Easily correct harsh shadows and unflattering lighting with the improved Fix Lighting tool. Enhance the natural beauty of the skin and facial features with just a touch of fix lighting, just as you would in a professional photography studio.

fix lighting
fix lighting
fix lighting

New Interactive Tutorials


Master PortraitPro 19 with easy-to-follow interactive tutorials. The smart tutorial system lets you track your progress using practical examples and videos.

New Expression Tools

expression tools

Subtly enhance your subject's facial expression with a range of new sliders. Smiles, frowns and more can all be gently edited using simple sliders.

New Accurate Lens Correction

Utilizing 3D modeling, the software accurately corrects for lens distortions created by wide-angle lenses such as mobile phone cameras.


Improved Intelligent Feature Finding

PortraitPro 19 automatically detects features such as eyes, mouth, skin and hair much more accurately than previous versions. The software also automatically detects closed eyes and turns the eye controls on and off as appropriate.

intelligent feature finding

Improved Background Editing

Combine your favorite images with ease using PortraitPro 19's improved background handling. Use one of the built-in backgrounds, import your own or even export the image with a transparent background ready to use in other software.

background editing
background editing

Improved Advanced Hair Editing

hair editing

Give portraits the salon treatment with PortraitPro's new, improved hair retouching tools. Boost natural color or try a totally new look with the improved recoloring features and then give hair a sleek, healthy look with the updated shine tool.

Improved Picture Controls

picture controls

PortraitPro 19 is your one-stop-shop for portrait editing. With new, advanced picture controls, there's no need to switch between different programs to edit your images. Adjust tone and temperature, flatten histograms, add shine and vignette and much more all using PortraitPro's simple slider system.

Improved Faster Batch Processing

Studio Max Exclusive

Batch processing is a must-have feature for busy professionals who need to process large numbers of images. With PortraitPro Studio Max you can simply load your images, choose your preset and the software takes care of all the hard work.

In this latest release, the software handles images 2x faster* and more efficiently, so you can spend less time editing and more time taking great photos.

batch processing

*depending on machine specification