MYMY MAKEUP app on Iphone 6

MyMy technology allows people to digitally try on specific makeup products. We are offering a white label solution to empower brands to enhance their e-commerce.

Our cutting-edge facial recognition technology for precise application puts the power in the hands of the consumer. The software matches the colour and textures of real makeup products accurately, allowing consumers to see what products would actually look like on their face.

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MYMY MAKEUP app on Iphone 6


Skin tones examples ranging from black to white


Until now it’s been virtually impossible to buy the correct shade of foundation online. Selecting shades from websites normally fails as even if the colors are represented accurately, the lighting of the photo and the screen being used will hugely affect the choice. So we set out to find a way for people to find their perfect foundation.

  • The first online foundation selector that actually works
  • Boost online foundation sales with our unique white label solution

MyMy Skin is a new patent pending white label technology which allows people to find their perfect foundation from home. The system recommends the best foundation from a huge range of products, and the user can refine the result by favorite brands, price range and ingredients.


St Tropez Tan Mirror that shows a fake tan


Created for tanning brand St Tropez, Tan Mirror app lets users try out their new tan – virtually! Potential customers can try all of St Tropez tanning products on their own image, allowing them to choose their perfect product before they buy. The app lets users filter by type of product and even see what their tan will look like 2 or 3 days after application. After choosing their perfect product, customers can proceed straight to the relevant product page on the web store.


A Mac displaying PortraitPro software with a lady in cardigan

PortraitPro is the world’s best-selling retouching software. Fast and intuitive, PortraitPro intelligently enhances every aspect of a portrait for beautiful results.

  • Detects the face, age and gender
  • Automatically retouches the photo with customizable presets
  • Sliders to adjust the results
  • Make-up, relighting and face sculpting controls for complete creative control
  • Over 600,000 PortraitPro users around the world.
A Mac displaying PortraitPro software with a lady in cardigan


PortraitPro Body GIF


With a straightforward slider interface, PortraitPro Body makes it possible for anyone to retouch full length portraits.

  • Skeleton and curve estimation
  • Intelligent body reshaping tools
  • Adjust build and height
  • Correct posture
  • Smooth skin and remove blemishes
  • Fix background warping caused by body reshaping




A community-powered photo-editing tools that allows users to easily apply filters or make general changes to their images. Users an create their own effects and share them in the online effects gallery.

With so many tools and effects available, almost anything is possible, from black and white conversion and color correction, to sky replacement and overlays. Effects can be layered, masked and easily added or removed. The software is perfect for those who are new to photo-editing as well as experts looking to create their own effects.

  • White balance and color correction
  • Masking and selection tools
  • Black and white conversion
  • Sky replacement and recoloring
  • Cropping, straightening and re-sizing
  • Hundreds of user-submitted effects


A Mac pro displaying Landscape Pro

Intelligent landscape-editing software that offers custom tools for each element of the landscape. Easy and realistic sky replacement with hundreds of options to choose from.

  • Simple labelling system for feature selection
  • 2D and 3D relighting that adapts to features in the landscape
  • Sky replacements can be reflected in water
  • Unique tools to suit different features such as sand, snow, buildings, mountains and more
A Mac pro displaying Landscape Pro


Mira Selfie editor on Iphone


Our beauty retouching tools re-designed for use on iPhone and Android. Using simple face selection tools, filters and sliders, users can perfect skin, sculpt the face and adjust the lighting along with many other controls.

  • Smooth skin, remove lines, wrinkles and shine, and eliminate eye bags
  • Slim face, sharpen jawline, and draw widen eyes
  • Brighten, sharpen and enhance the color of eyes and lips
  • Relighting using a virtual spotlight that the user controls.
  • Lens correction for wide-angle lens distortion common to cell phone pictures.


Cartoon App uses face and feature mapping to allow users create a unique cartoon avatar of themselves. These avatars can then express emotions through a large collection of animations.

  • Face mapping
  • Feature and hair recognition
  • Face warping and animation
a cartoonifed person with OMG!