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An intelligent, easy-to-use and powerful tool for outdoor photographers


Intelligent landscape editing that offers you specific tools that match your image.

Sky replacement
Sky replacement
Sky Replacement

Fix full, overcast or blown-out skies. Choose from hundreds of options.


New — add rain, snow, fog or more to your images.


Protect your images online by adding a logo or watermark.

What does it do?

With intelligent controls that adapt to the features in your photo, LandscapePro allows you to get dramatic results with your landscapes.

  • AI-powered selection tools.
  • Unique editing controls that adapt to your images.
  • Easy-to-use slider interface.
  • Brighten, recolor or replace skies.
  • Add weather, overlays and logos.
  • Lighting controls that respond to features in your landscape.
  • Perfect for experts and beginners.
  • Trusted by professional photographers and experts worldwide

From the makers of PortraitPro, the world's best portrait-editing software.

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Some of the things you can do with LandscapePro

Automatic Area Selection

Label the features in your image and the software will automatically select them.

Smart Filter
Sky Controls

LandscapePro comes pre-packed with hundreds of sky options for you to choose from or you can add your own!

Targeted Editing

Specific tools that suit your image - from water reflections to mountains.

One-click presets

Edit your images in a single click with specialized presets.

LandscapePro Studio
& Studio Max

LandscapePro comes in three editions to suit your needs. For those who like to work with the highest quality images, LandscapePro Studio handles RAW files directly. It can also be run as a Smart Filter in Photoshop and supports different color spaces.

Studio Max offers extra tools for more advanced users. Batch Mode allows you to queue images for quicker, more streamlined editing, while the Histogram allows you to view your changes live in the histogram panel.

Compare the different editions or buy now

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New! LandscapePro 3 Out Now

  • Using advanced image recognition technology, LandscapePro 3 is better than ever at detecting features in your landscape.
  • Enhance landscape photos with atmospheric effects such as rain, fog, lens flare and more.
  • Remove unwanted objects from your landscape in seconds flat.
  • A brand new selection of skies ready to enhance your outdoor photographs.
  • Keep your images safe online with your watermark or logo.
  • Easily correct focus and texture with new Sharpen and Clarity sliders.
  • Smart Filter capability for Photoshop: exclusive to Studio and Studio Max.

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