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These help pages are not the only place you can find help on LandscapePro.
The first place to find out how to use LandscapePro is by watching all the tutorial videos.
Also make sure you read the tips as they pop up. Most simple questions are answered as you are using the software.
Pressing on the “?” buttons in the software will bring you to a relevant page in this help system.
In the Sky sliders, under the heading Clouds there is a tool called Replace With where you will find a drop-down menu containing the currently available skies.
Click the Add… button at the end to add any image into the cloud replacement list.
After doing so, you could save a preset containing those new clouds. If “separate clouds from atmosphere” is ON, it would just replace the clouds. If it is OFF, then the entire sky is replaced with your image.
This is due to the way Dell Backup & Recovery installs as a Windows shell extension, which can cause other programs to crash when displaying the Windows file open dialog. There are three solutions to this problem:
1. Use the 32-bit version of LandscapePro.
2. Uninstall the Dell Backup & Recovery software.
3. Unregister the shell extensions that cause the problem. This is only for people who are confident in running command scripts on their computer. The following command script needs to be downloaded: unregister_dell_backup.cmd then follow these additional steps: Browse to the downloaded file, it will probably be blocked from running since it came from the Internet. Right click and choose properties and press the unblock button. Now right click again and choose to run the script as an Administrator.
There may be other programs besides the Dell Backup & Recovery program that also cause this issue, but this is by far the most common cause.