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A new way to edit your photos

With intelligent controls that adapt to the features in your photo, LandscapePro allows you to easily edit your landscape photographs, even if you have no previous experience.

Selection tools

LandscapePro’s intelligent selection tools let you easily identify features in the photo. Drag the labels on to the image to access tools tailored to your landscape.

Sky Replacement

An easy solution to a washed-out or over-exposed sky. LandscapePro comes pre-packaged with hundreds of sky options for you to choose from or you can add your own!

​​​Lighting Brushes

Lighting brushes
Lighting brushes

2D and 3D lighting brushes allow you to add light and dimension to the features in your landscape. Drag the virtual light around the image to adjust the light and shadow.

Sky Reflection

Keep your images looking natural by mirroring sky effects in bodies of water.