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Digital Photo 2017 Editors Choice Award
Smart Photography score 80%

October 2017 - Practical Photography

A unique approach to editing, with some powerful tools

Practical Photography score 4 stars

September 2017 - Smart Photography
Smart Photography Logo

The software works like magic... At such competitive pricing, the software is certainly worth every penny.

Smart Photography score 80%

August 2017 - TechRadar
Tech Radar Logo

It’s unlike any other image editor you’ll have used... Its smart selection settings are impressive.

Tech Radar Vertict four out of five stars

August 2017 - Rangefinder
Range finder Logo

The software is highly intuitive. Selections that are complex to make by hand take mere minutes.

July 2017 - Shutterbug

A palette of presets that perform the magic. Every effect can be adjusted via sliders, so the results are truly customized and unique.

July 2017 - Photoshop Creative
Photoshop Creative

The unique controls and intelligent selection tools adapt to the image you are working on.

Photoshop Creative Verdict Nine

March 2017 - The Societies of Photographers

February 2017 - Magazine Video
Magazine Video

The effects are truly spectacular.

February 2017 - Zoom.NL Magazine

Fun and innovative. A great piece of software to quickly and almost playfully change your whole image.

February 2017 - Quotidien de La Réunion
Quotidien Magazine

Truly amazing software.

February 2017 - Le Monde De La Photo
Monde de la photo

Provides easy and effective retouching of landscape photos.

February 2017 - Pixfan

All in all, users will appreciate the ease of use and the multitude of possible settings

February 2017 - Drone User
Drone User

I absolutely loved this software and as a 'non-techy' I found it so easy to use.

January 2017 - Digital Photo Magazine UK
Digital Photo

A unique piece of software that is dedicated to helping you get more out of your landscape images. Replace skies with ease and relight views, all with the press of a mouse button.

January 2017 - Super Foto Digital Magazine
Super Foto Digital Magazine

A program with many possibilities that will delight lovers of landscape photography. LandscapePro is a very powerful program that lets you add a personal and creative touch to your landscapes in a simple way. The truth is that the interface is very intuitive.

December 2016 - Plugs n Pixels
Plugs n Pixels

A very unique app and I really enjoyed using it. The results are great and you don’t have to spend much time getting going.

December 2016 - Network World
Network World

This is a must have for designers, landscape and realty photographers, and artists.

December 2016 - Popular Photography
Popular Photography

You can completely transform basic landscape photos into incredible ones.

November 2016 - Amateur Photography
Amateur Photography

Easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface.

Verdict: "LandscapePro redefines the way photographers can edit their shots with a new workflow, and has powerful algorithms for selecting/masking elements within images, as well as performing tasks such as relighting a scene."

testbench award

November 2016 - FotoMagazin

With LandscapePro, masking, above all, becomes simpler and more accurate. It's amazing what it can do with boring landscape photos. Sky processing is especially fast.

fotomagazin award

November 2016 - Digital Photo
Digital Photo

Best Tool for Landscape Photographers.

editors choice award

November 2016 - Advanced Creation Photoshop
Advanced Creation Photoshop

A newcomer in the world of photo editing, Landscape Pro promises to dramatically transform your landscapes.

October 2016 - Digital Photographer
Digital Photographer

LandscapePro is a fantastic tool for taking the hard work out of retouching, leaving you with the fun part of actually editing your landscapes.

October 2016 - Photo Presse
Kleper Report

LandscapePro gives a dull landscape picture a brand new, exciting touch. All it takes are a few easy steps.

October 2016 - Digital Photo
Digital Photo

Fun to use, LandscapePro is a fantastic way to try out complex edits quickly.

October 2016 - Practical Photography
Practical Photography

LandscapePro can really speed up your editing process and help to transform your scenic shots. For editing novices, this is a perfect learning device. Even for pros, it can be a quick and easy option that will speed up the editing process.

September 2016 - Photography News
Photography News

LandscapePro has a lot of innovative features, it's easy to understand and quick to use. The adaptive controls and selection tools mean it'll work with any image or style you want to create and there're lots of presets to suit different tastes. Well worth a look.

Pros: Fast, simple and easy to use, good range of effects, lots of control and editable presets.

September/October 2016 - F2 Cameracraft
F2 Cameracraft

LandscapePro is a very powerful program which will serve urban, industrial and architectural photographers with some great results… even better than those who haunt woods and mountains.

August 2016 - Tech Radar India
Tech Radar India

LandscapePro provides the power and confidence to make dramatic adjustments to landscape shots with ease.

August 2016 - MicroMart
Micro Mart

MicroMart Award:

micromart award

August 2016 - The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing
Kleper Report

LandscapePro Studio is an extraordinary program that enables strikingly beautiful modifications to landscape images, with incredible ease yet extensive control. It works unlike any other program, with an interface design that is clever, elegant and engaging.

August 2016 - FotoHits

Instead of switching between different brushes, magnetic lasso tools or working paths - "LandscapePro" lets you do all these things with just one simple swipe.

July 2016 - Nadir Magazine
Nadir Magazine

LandscapePro is a great program with numerous possibilities.

July 2016 - ePHOTOzine


LandscapePro is a bit of a bargain, easy to use and produces great results.

ephotozine award
  • Pros
  • Excellent value for money
  • Easy to use
  • Quick processing

June 2016 - Computertaal

An incredibly powerful package.

June 2016 - Professional Imagemaker
Professional Image Maker

Seemingly hopeless situations can be retrieved.

June 2016 - Photography News
Photography News

[LandscapePro] has a range of powerful controls including one-click presets that make enhancing your scenic shots quicker and easier.

June 2016 - Publishing Blog
Publishing Blog

Fast quality corrections and effects are possible.

June 2016 - Shutterbug

The range and variety of modifications that are available are staggering. LandscapePro is easy to learn, easy to use, and performs its magic quickly even on an average computer. It’s a lot of fun for just a little money. It makes me want to revisit some old landscapes I shot years ago and add a little snap to them.

June 2016 - Pixel Mania
Pixel Mania

Highly Recommended

Click here to see the review

June 2016 - Creative Pro
Creative Pro

Pros: A unique way to adjust landscape images with a high degree of control over the weather, time of day, season and lighting conditions, as well as an innovative approach to delineating different regions.

Rating: 9 out of 10

June 2016 - WPPI

The software is responsive and, even on an old MacBook Pro, ran flawlessly. The program is extremely intuitive and you’ll quickly be on your way to getting your landscape images into perfect shape.

June 2016 -
Gadget Speak

LandscapePro does what it says on the tin and provides a range of touch up features for your landscape images.

Gadget Speak Rating

May 2016 - PC World
PC World

Very simple and efficient landscape software.

pcworld award

Total Score: 95%

May 2016 - Yahoo! Finance
Yahoo! Finance

Want to edit your landscape photos without the advanced learning curve of programs like Photoshop? LandscapePro from Anthropics Technology does just that.

May 2016 - Yahoo! Digital Trends
Yahoo! Digital Trends

LandscapePro offers advanced edits of landscape photos with minimal know-how.