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How do I activate PortraitPro on a computer with no Internet connection?


When running the full version of PortraitPro for the first time it will ask for activation. Please choose "manual activation" and make a note of your "system fingerprint" that you will see on the screen. Every computer has a different system fingerprint. You must make sure you use the system fingerprint from the computer that you want to activate your license on.

On another computer that has an Internet connection, go to our activation page and enter your system fingerprint and activation token that was emailed to you. You will then be able to download a file containing the "key" that you need to activate PortraitPro.

Copy this key to a USB memory stick and transfer it to the computer that you want to activate PortraitPro on. Press the "Load Key From File" button on the manual activation dialog and open the file containing the key from the USB memory stick.

Note that you don't need an Internet connection on the machine you are installing PortraitPro on at any point during this process.