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Where have my file menu save options gone?


PortraitPro Studio or Studio Max editions can run in normal or plugin mode. When in plugin mode, the File menu options are removed except for the "Save and Close" option, and also color profiles are enabled.

By default PortraitPro will enter plugin mode if it is run with a picture to load on the command line. For example if you run PortraitPro from another program such as Lightroom, then PortraitPro will automatically enter plugin mode and allow you to work on the picture it was given by Lightroom. Instructions to set this up.

If you do not want PortraitPro to enter plugin mode automatically like this, uncheck the box for auto-plugin mode. This option can be found in Settings on Windows, or Preferences on the Mac.

When running PortraitPro from the command line, plugin mode can be forced using the option /p (-p on Mac) or can be disabled using /P (-P on Mac). When PortraitPro is being run as a Photoshop plugin, the option /p is automatically used so that plugin mode is always used regardless of the auto-plugin mode setting.