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How do I setup PortraitPro as an external editor for Aperture?

A To set up PortraitPro as an external editor for Aperture follow these steps:

Choose the Aperture menu and then go to “Preferences”.
A dialog will appear in which you should choose the "Export" section.

Press the "Choose" button corresponding to the "External Image/Photo Editor" label.
A new dialog will pop up asking for the location of the program to run, and you should now locate PortraitPro Studio on your disk.

This is usually in /Applications/
When you have found PortraitPro Studio select it and press the “Select” button to dismiss the panel.

Now PortraitPro Studio is set up as an external editor for your images.
To edit an image with PortraitPro Studio, right click and choose "Edit with PortraitProStudio".