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Neck & Shoulder Thinning

A new way to retouch problematic neck and shoulder areas. No more manual, time-consuming neck and shoulder retouching; with PortraitPro 22, difficult areas can be perfected in minimal time.

Chin Reshaping

A new way to help reshape and improve your subject’s facial structure. PortraitPro 22 automatically identifies the chin and surrounding areas in order to reshape, adjust, and apply shadows.

Body Lighting

It’s never been easier to relight full-body portraits. PortraitPro’s Body Relighting tool simplifies the relighting process and saves time, allowing you to change light source, color, direction and intensity in just a few clicks.

Hairline Correction

Alter undesired hairlines quickly and effectively using intuitive correction tools. Improve the hairline or change the shape and size of the forehead using intelligent sliders, leaving you with impressive yet realistic results.

Further features & improvements

Further Features and Improvements

Neck Lengthening, Eye-Widening, NEW tutorials from PortraitPro creators, enhanced lip color features, improved skin / hair finder technology, and general UI and speed improvements.