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March 2017 - K-tai

Just by moving sliders, we can retouch naturally and automatically, and this is so easy.

March 2017 - The Societies of Photographers
The Societies of Photographers

January 2017 - Digital Photo Magazine UK
Digital Photo

A magical plugin that makes the process of retouching portraits incredibly easy. Smooth skin and banish spots with just a couple of clicks.

December 2016 - Practical Photography
Practical Photography

Simplifies intensive editing tasks, is intuitive to use and makes retouching fast.

December 2016 - Network World
Network World

If you photograph people, you’ll love PortraitPro.
It’s a photo editor and a smart airbrush combined.

November 2016 - Top Ten Reviews

This professional photo editing software is designed to make your photo editing quick and intuitive.

November 2016 - Amateur Photography
Amateur Photography

If you’re familiar with the software PortraitPro, you’ll know just how quick and easy it makes smoothing skin in portraits and changing the shape of facial features.

November 2016 - Advanced Creation Photoshop
Advanced Creation Photoshop

The software has an amazingly vast range of tools which are manipulated with ease.

October 2016 - Digital Photo
Digital Photo

Professional-looking portraits are just a few clicks away. If you enjoy portrait photography, Anthropics’ software is worth checking out. It simplifies intensive editing tasks, is intuitive to use and makes retouching fast.

gear of the year award

September 2016 - Fotografo digital
Fotografo digital

A wide variety of functions that allow us to control virtually everything down to the smallest detail of the final appearance of a portrait.

August 2016 - Pixelmania

PortraitPro is indispensable to any (professional) photographer. Based on the powerful editing features and ease of use, it wins a Pixelmania Award. Highly recommended!

pixelmania award

August 2016 - Smart Photography Magazine
Smart Photography Magazine

One of the best and simplest solutions for portrait retouching.

June 2016 - Professional Imagemaker

PortraitPro remains one of the more remarkable pieces of software development of the past decade. I can still remember the gasps of astonishment at seminars when first demonstrating it.

May 2016 - Foto Notiziario
Foto Notiziario

The results are amazing whatever you do, like extending the eyelashes or applying lipstick, it feels like having a make-up artist in the post production phase with you, it is a uniquely quick and precise feature, a characteristic that has always distinguished the PortraitPro system.

April 2016 - Professional Photographer
professional photographer

PortraitPro could be a versatile, time-saving tool, both for subtle retouching and more extreme work.

April 2016 - Telegram

When last we tried PortraitPro, Joy was so pleased with her enhanced photo, she was reluctant to accept her old look.

March 2016 - Photo Answers
Photo Answers

With one-click editing and impressive relighting options, this offers great value at £29.95. Even better, the ability to make your own presets means PortraitPro 15 caters for those who prefer a more subtle look, too.

March 2016 - Linternaute

The new PortraitPro version allows for small miracles when it comes to makeup. You can now apply lipstick, eye shadow and blush in addition to tanning your skin or applying pencil eyeliner.

March 2016 - Digital Photo Pro
digital phtot pro

PortraitPro is fast and powerful, and is capable of finessing portraits into perfection.

February 2016 - Photo-Tips-Online
photo tips online

Delivers professional results with minimum effort.

February 2016 - Photography News
absolute photographer

The improvements in version 15 are totally worthwhile, and for the money, this software deserves to be in the armoury of every portrait photographer. Easy to use, powerful, versatile.

February 2016 - PC Magazin
pc magazin

PortraitPro 15 Studio Max is an excellent photo tool.

PC Magazin test verdict: Very good
Price: Very good

5 stars pc magazin

February 2016 - Fotografia Magazine
fotografia magazine

Its a powerful software optimized for portraits. In other programs the editing could take up to 30 - 40 minutes, whereas here you only need a few minutes.

February 2016 - Shutterbug Magazine
shutterbug magazine

Whether you're looking for a simple method to just soften blemishes and smooth skin or you want to go full gonzo and totally reimagine a subject, PortraitPro 15 is the tool you're looking for!

January 2016 - Digital Photo Pro
digital photo pro

Efficient and intuitive. This full-featured application excels at portrait retouching.

December 2015 - Le Quotidien de La Réunion
le quotidien de la réunion

For face editing, Photoshop can be advantageously replaced by the truly stunning tools of PortraitPro, whose version 15 was just released, with a special offer at £29.95 now (then £59.90).

December 2015 - Italian FotoNews
Italian Foto News

You need to use it just once to understand immediately the full potential. Without taking anything away from Photoshop, we have to say about PortraitPro that the automatic preset applied on the faces are amazingly fast and precise.

December 2015 - Range Finder Magazine
range finder magazine

For photographers who do large numbers of portraits in a session, the automated presets in all PortraitPro editions and the batch processing capabilities in PortraitPro Studio Max can ease the burden of their workflows tremendously.

December 2015 - Professional Photographer
professional photographer

It's easy to enhance a subject’s overall look without reducing a natural look to a plasticy sheen.

December 2015 - Professional Imagemaker
professional imagemaker magazine

It is sometimes easy to forget just how magical this program is and the marvels it can weave. This is software which easily earns its keep!

December 2015 - Digital Photographer Magazine
digital photographer magazine

A fantastic tool for photographers, artists and designers alike, PortraitPro is easy to use and can provide stunning results, if you know how to wield its tools with subtlety.

5 star rating

December 2015 - Master Photographer's Association
master photographers association

"The later versions can identify skin texture types, and generate a synthetic skin to repair areas better then Photoshop's Content Aware Healing or Clone Tool... It's amazing, effective, and solves big problems for printers." - by David Kilpatrick

December 2015 - Giga Software
giga software

Beginner-friendly and efficient tool to improve portrait photos.

Click here to read the review

5 stars giga

December 2015 - Digital Photo Magazine UK
digital photo magazine

If portraits are part of your photography, at the current price it's hard to find a reason not to recommend it.

With one-click editing and impressive relighting options, this offers great value. Even better, the ability to make your own presets means PortaitPro 15 caters for those who prefer a more subtle look, too.

5 stars

November 2015 - Digital Photo Magazine's Buyers Guide
Digital Photo Magazine

For fast and easy portrait retouching, PortraitPro offers a suite of tools with intelligent auto corrections.

November 2015 - Photoshop Magazin

The numerous options for editing the skin are impressive. For example, only the pores can be refined or small wrinkles can be evened out, without further smoothing of the whole skin. This enables you to work flexible and target-oriented. We were fully convinced by the results.

November 2015 - N-Photo

PortraitPro blows Photoshop Elements out of the water with its dazzling array of tools and effects.

September 2015 -
digital photography school

"I’m converted. It’s simple and fun to use, you have a lot of control of the subtlety with the sliders and it produces great time saving results. It’s a thumbs up from me." - by Lea Hawkins

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May 2015 -

PortraitPro is new software that you can now use to beautify your photos. Extremely quick and easy to use, has a high quality touch up, and allows you to improve your photos instantly, with the move of a cursor.

June 2015 - Behind the Shutter

"When I first opened this my jaw dropped at how simple this was and how good of a job it did right out of the gate"

"You're going to be impressed right out of the box"

May 2015 - Exame Informática
exame informatica

If you think that Photoshop is the best tool to make your subjects look better, think again. PortraitPro is much more efficient.

The software will save event photographers a lot of time, while guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

March 2015 - Yahoo News UK / Yahoo Tech
yahoo news

Portrait Professional is a powerful and efficient way to improve the appearances of the faces in all of your photos.

March 2015 - Digital Camera

PortraitPro enables you to tone down skin imperfections with ease.

February 2015 -

The first step to easy editing without much effort is the automatic face detection. It works amazingly quickly and precisely.

If reality and ideal are too far apart from each other, we recommend adjusting each slider. This may use a little more time but is still a lot faster to get perfect results than with any other retouching software.

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January 2015 - NPhoto

For portrait and wedding photographers the ease and speed of use, as well as the batch processing capabilities, should definitely appeal.

January 2015 - Popular Photography

Anthropics’ PortraitPro, recently updated to version 12, is an efficient, easy-to-use application that can make retouching quick and, when used skillfully, bring out the best in your portrait subjects.

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January 2015 - ComputerExpress Holland

The speed and precision with which you can improve portraits with PortraitPro is unmatched.

An outright winner for everyone who wants to retouch portraits.

December 2014 - Photoshop User

"This level of detail is what makes PortraitPro so useful."

December 2014 - Shutterbug

"The batch processing feature alone is a very big selling point that can really streamline your workflow." - by Steve Bedell

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November 2014 - Chip Online Germany
Chip Online De

With "Portrait Professional" you can edit portrait photos in an impressive way and with breathtaking speed.

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Chip Online De

September 2014 - Planet Photoshop

PortraitPro 12 Studio is powerful retouching software at a very reasonable price.

Myriad features make retouching fast and enjoyable.

September 2014 - Rangefinder

One of the most sophisticated yet easy-to-use portrait retouching applications on the market, PortraitPro is equipped with more beautifying tools than a plastic surgeon.

September/October 2014 - Digital Photo
digital photo

Give your portraits a professional, polished glow in just a few minutes.

August 2014 - PhotoReview

August 2014 - ePHOTOzine

PortraitPro 12 works wonders to make people look their best and is worth every penny.

Click here to read the review.

August 2014 - Photo Professional
Photo Professional

Overall, it' s a great product and one that' s reasonably priced.

8.5 out of 10

July/August 2014 - Rangefinder

With each new version release, Anthropics Technology seems to find a way to add more features to its already-excellent PortraitPro retouching software, as well as improve existing features. Version 12 is no exception.

July/August 2014 - Photoshop User

Fantastic Tool for Quick Quality Retouching

PortraitPro Studio 12 is powerful retouching software at a very reasonable price.

photoshop user 4.5 out of 5 stars

July 2014 - Photo+ Korea
photoplus Korea

This software has thorough knowledge about dramatic Face editing and it is very compatible with the other programs as Plug-in.
Easy and Fast to use!

July 2014 - Photoshop Creative
photoshop creative

This is the most straightforward and comprehensive portrait retouching software we've used. A must-have for transforming people quickly and realistically.

June/July 2014 - Professional Imagemaker

PortraitPro retains a certain magic when using it and you can feel quite smug as it does so much work with so little effort – well worth the cost!

June 2014 - Digital Photo UK
digital photo

Affordable retouching software that brings out your models in their best light

May 2014 -

5/5 stars

May 2014 - Graphics Software

"I'm happy to recommend the application and give PortraitPro Studio 12 a full five stars out of five."- Ian Pullen

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May 2014 - Pixelmania digitale fotografie

Highly recommended!

January/February 2014 - FotoHits

With Portrait Professional 11 you can turn normal photos into spectacular pictures!

It's great for amateurs without previous knowledge of retouching as well as it is easy to learn for professionals.

January 2014 - Rangefinder

Portrait Professional is a surprisingly powerful plugin, especially given its ease of use.

December 2013 - What Digital Camera
What Digital Camera

Portrait Professional is an easy-to-use and time saving software that will come in useful if you regularly shoot portraits.

November 2013 - Digital Photo Buyer's Guide 2014
Digital Photo Buyer's Guide 2014

Transform your portraits into polished, cover-worthy images with Portrait Professional 11.

Capable of sophisticated enhancements, yet extremely easy to use.

November 2013 - Shutterbug's Fall Special 2013 Expert Photo Techniques

The secret of using any retouching software is to make minor, seemingly imperceptible improvements that, when seen overall, produce a pleasing result that reflects what the subject looks like on their best possible day.

Using only the default settings, Portrait Professional 11 lets you do this, but the program also provides enough tools and flexibility to create a client-pleasing yet still realistic look.

November 2013 - Shutterbug

PP11 is a very versatile retouching tool for anyone looking to quickly and easily retouch an image to get just the look they want.

It has probably the most extensive set of options of any similar product, and just keeps getting better.

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September/October 2013 - Digital Photo Magazine
digital photo

Smooth and soften skin, improve tone and even enhance facial geometry in a few easy steps.

Improved portrait in literally just a few minutes.

June 2013 - Vous et Votre Mac

Whether you want to clean the skin, whiten teeth or color hair or eyes, virtual cosmetic surgery is Portrait Professional's speciality. Safe and easy!

With its dialogs and tips providing information about the different settings, Portrait Professional is easy to use, even if you have never used this type of software before. What's more, the results are excellent. This is the software you need if you do a lot of portraits and need an efficient retouching tool.

June 2013 - Digital Foto Magazine Denmark


June 2013 - Mac Format
digital arts

It's the fastest and most effective means of flattering your subjects, and it's also very keenly priced indeed.

June 2013 - Digital Arts
digital arts

Portrait Professional is class leading software. It packs in a large number of very well-implemented features, but attempts to make everything as simple to use and as well-explained as possible.

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June 2013 - Photography for Beginners

If you love taking people photos, Portrait Professional 11 will help you get flattering results every time.

May/June 2013 - Photoshop User

Portrait Professional Studio 64 offers a wide variety of intuitive adjustments that are quick and effortless.

An affordable and easily mastered addition to any professional photographer's workflow. Because as we all know, time is money, and clients buy more photos when they look fantastic.

May 2013 - Rangefinder

I need automation and fast turnaround to keep my client happy. That is exactly what Portrait Professional gives me.

Portrait Professional is a must-have program for anyone capturing images of people, from advanced amateurs photographing their families to professional portrait, wedding, school and fashion/beauty photographers who do their own retouching. - By Stan Sholik

May 2013 - Macworld

Class-leading software. Packs in a large number of very well-implemented features, but attempts to make everything as simple to use and as well-explained as possible. First rate.

Click here to see the review

May 2013 - Digital Photo UK

If you're an avid portrait photographer who's looking for a fast, easy and effective way of touching up pics in just a few simple steps then PP11 is a great way to speed up your workflow while reducing the amount of labour-intensive editing involved with 'airbrushing' your portraits.

April 2013 - Professional Imagemaker

Overall this is an impressive upgrade to an already excellent product.

The saving in time will easily pay for the cost of the upgrade, although busy users of Portrait Professional will already be many pounds (sterling!) ahead of the game.

April 2013 - PC World

All in all, Portrait Professional Studio is a powerful software tool for touching up photos, as well as for anyone who works in the media who needs to have picture-perfect models with shiny white teeth and perfect skin. - By Mark O'Neill

Click here to see the review

May 2013 - Bildbearbeiter

If you are looking for fast and subtle retouching software, Portrait Professional, now in version 11, is the answer.

Anthropics have released a useful tool for a fair price for those who are looking for an easy yet effective method for retouching photos - without having to learn all the tools in Photoshop.

April 2013 - Photo Professional
Photo Professional

Portrait Professional 11 is simple to use, with exceptional levels of control. Anything from subtle tweaks to massive changes is achievable in a few clicks. It's easily integrated into your workflow via the plug-in functionality too. You can achieve professional results from the outset, whether you're going for a subtle natural look or glamour finishes.

Spring 2013 - Practical Photography
Practical Photography

Portrait Professional 11 is one of the best value portrait retouching options on the market. The clean interface and advanced set of features makes creating professional-looking portraits quick and easy.

March 2013 - PCMagazin

Easier and Faster than Photoshop

February 2013 - Photoshop Magazin

Very good!

February 2013 - PDN

If you spend hours nipping and tucking portraits in Photoshop with less than ideal results, you might want to seriously consider Portrait Professional 11, one of the fastest and most powerful virtual airbrushing tools I've tried yet.- by Dan Havlik

January 2013 - Photoshop Creative Magazine
Photoshop Creative

This is the most comprehensive portrait retoucher we' ve seen.


December 2012 - Fotografi Magazine
Fotografi Magazine

A high quality software that enables you to enhance portraits rapidly, that would otherwise be more complex to do with Photoshop. Portrait Professional is suitable for professional and amateur photographers at an affordable price.

December 2012 - Smart Photography Magazine India
Smart Photography India

Portrait Professional Studio is a very useful tool for photographers, mainly specialists in glamor and fashion photography who require a fast and easy way to touch up portraits. The software is very easy to use and competitively priced.

November 2012 - Il Mio Computer
Il Mio Computer

Portrait Professional Studio 10 is making our life easier. In a few minutes you can transform any portrait to be worthy of the front cover of a magazine.

Portrait Professional is really easy to use and doesn't require any knowledge of portrait enhancement techniques.

  • Usability : 9
  • Performance: 9
  • Convenience: 8
  • Rating : 8.5

November 2012 - Los Angeles Times (print and online)
LA times

New advances in relatively cheap photo retouching apps and computer software are making it astonishingly simple for anyone to look hot at the push of a button. Computer photo-retouching software options include Portrait Professional. Download or buy the CD and it guides you through reshaping your face, smoothing your skin, whitening your teeth and eyes as well as removing pimples, moles and freckles.

Click here to see the review

November 2012 - Practical Photoshop (UK, printed magazine)
practical photoshop

The basic version is a standalone application, and you need the Studio version to get the software as a Photoshop plug-in. But the range of tools and the quality of the results easily justifies the price.

November 2012 - Digital Photo (USA) Buyer's Guide 'Essential software'
digital photo

If you shoot a lot of portraits, check out Portrait Professional, an incredibly powerful tool for smoothing and perfecting complexions and refining facial features quickly and easily.

October 2012 -

The result (achieved without any technical skill from my part, just by selecting the image and clicking the options offered by the software) left me lost for words.

Click here to see the review

October 2012 - Advanced Photographer
advanced photographer

What makes it special is the sheer level of performance at a price that knocks much of the competition out of the water.

October 2012 - Computer Arts Brasil
computer arts brasil

It is a great solution for those who need to cut short the retouching of faces in digital pictures.

September 2012 - Yahoo Shine

..upload a picture of yourself, then in seconds Portrait Professional gets rid of your pores, wrinkles, and flyaways. But why stop there? You can give yourself that slim jawline and straight nose bridge you always wanted with a click of a module.

Click here to see the review

September 2012 - Fox10TV

You will be amazed when you see how your own images can look as great as those of the celebrities in magazines.

You will love how quickly and easily you can improve your own photographs and get that same celebrity airbrush affect.

September 2012 - UK Digital Photo Magazine

One of 6 of the best portrait photo accessories.

If you just want to make a few slight tweaks, or really give your work a full-blown make-over, Portrait Professional 10 provides the tools you need to perk up your people pictures.

July 2012 - MSN news

Anthropics Portrait Professional's latest version includes a few nice changes to the interface and controls, but keeps the same basic structure and functionality. Version 10 continues to provide a good platform for making changes to improve photo subjects' attractiveness.

Click here to see the review

July 2012 - MacWorld UK

Overall, superb results are possible with Portrait Professional 10.

Click here to see the review

June 2012 - MacWorld UK

If there's a leading light in automatic face improvement it's Portrait Professional which has expanded its repertoire from just improving skin textures to wholesale remodeling of the face and its features.

Editor's choice 5/5 stars

June 2012 - CNET News

I've learned a few things in my test drive of Portrait Professional. It is possible to recapture your youth, if you have the right software. Your old high school classmates on Facebook will be amazed at how well you've aged, provided you don't show up in person to your 20-year reunion. Finally, I learned cats deserve glamor shots, too.- Amanda Kooser

Click here to see the review

June 2012 - The Atlantic

It's Terrifying How Easy It Is to Airbrush Photos With This Software.

Click here to see the review

Micro Mart - issue 1213

An easy-to-use professional portrait photographic tool that shows how good you could look.

"I was impressed with the functionality and ease of use of Portrait Professional Studio.Regrettably it had no effect on my mirror as it only works on photographs."- Michael Fereday

Editor's Choice, 9/10

Freelance Photographer - Volume 6, no 2

"It's been wonderful for the business , and there's no question it's increased productivity. To do what Portrait Professional does in a couple of minutes , you're talking at least half an hour in Photoshop. And the good thing about it is, although it will do quite a heavy retouch, it retains all the pores, so the skin doesn't look like plastic."

"I would recommend it to anybody, simply for its speed. And I've never had a client that didn't like the result, or felt they looked over- retouched."- Martin Sellars

March 2012 - Professional Photographer USA

The program is easy to use and its underlying technology works extremely well, allowing you to enhance the look of your client. Chances are they won't even notice the adjustments other than to say that you took an amazing photo.

February 2012 - Softpedia

The best thing about Portrait Professional is that it doesn't require any artistic skills or anatomy and make-up knowledge. You are guided through simple steps and the program does the entire job for you. It is true that you cannot edit other kind of images with it, but that's why they call it Professional! The software has been designed to adjust portraits and it truly makes this at its best.

Click here to see the review

February 2012 - Blogcritics

I found Portrait Professional 10 to be incredibly easy to work with and produced extremely high quality results very quickly.

If you are looking for a one stop shop for putting the glamour in your portrait photography, then I very highly recommend Portrait Professional 10.- by T. Michael Testi

Click here to see the review

Photoshop Practico - issue No 3

Portrait Professional Studio 10 is a comprehensive, fast
and easy to use software. Its capabilities are almost endless
and the configuration can be customized to extend its versatility.

Excellent price/quality relationship.
5/5 stars

December 2011 - Shutterbug

In the end, perhaps the most important feature of PP10 is its ability to save time. Many pro photographers I know are spending time retouching when they should be shooting or marketing. I highly recommend this software for professionals and advanced amateurs who photograph people. - by Steve Bedell

November 2011 - Foto Cult

Anthropics Technology Ltd is using "Clearskin" - technology that enables you to achieve a natural skin look after enhancing the portraits, without the wax/plastic effect. That's what makes the results obtained with Portrait Professional 10 really incredible.

November 2011 - Amateur Photographer Gift Guide

What is great about this software is that little time and virtually no experience are needed to enhance portraits through its easy-to-use interface and simple process.

October 2011 - Digital Camera

It's hard to deny this program's effectiveness at making people look better without losing their essential character. The strength of the effect is down to you - the default settings are subtle and can be wound back further for a more natural look..


July 2011 - Rangefinder

I remain a believer in Portrait Professional, both for its ease of use and the quality of the results. For new users the learning curve is minimal, and experienced users will appreciate the changes and improvements in version 10. - by Stan Sholik

Click here to see the review

July 2011 - Popular Photography

Retouching made easy for anyone.

The program's clean, intuitive interface helps make fixing faces a breeze.

June 2011 - Photo Pro

"Being a perfectionist, I find myself spending a huge amount of time editing my images. Portrait Professional allows me to get there faster, with more control on the fine facial details of my subjects." Kim van Haalen

June 2011 - Professional Imagemaker

If you do not own Portrait Professional and you are operating in the social sector, then you should seriously consider buying it, it is impossible to believe that you would not recoup your outlay in a short time.

The program is now 64-bit compatible and does seem to have studied well under the tuition of the programmers; it's getting better all the time as the song goes!

June 2011 - Digital Photo (UK)

If you're passionate about portraits and are longing for some imaging software to help improve and speed up your workflow with a few simple clicks, Portrait Professional (PP) 10 might be just what you're looking for.


May/June 2011 - The Photographer

Everyone benefits from a good clean round and brush-up don't they? And your clients are starting to demand it, yes? The trouble is you're really slow in Photoshop and haven't got much further than guesswork. Ring any bells? Portrait Professional Pro could be the answer to your prayers ...

May/June 2011 - Digital Photo (USA)

A smart way to touch up your people pictures.

For portrait shots that sometimes look less than perfect, you can make a dramatic improvement in just a few minutes with the latest version of Portrait Professional.

May 2011 - Digital Camera Essentials

Its power and results are perfect for those who don't want to spend hours in Photoshop.

A great retouching program that offers quick and easy results, as well as more advanced editing options.

April 2011 - Popular Photography
pop photo

Portrait Professional will help improve your subjects' looks no matter how much of a novice you are. It's easy to use, smooths skin and blemishes quickly, and can even reshape faces.

April 2011 - Digital Photography Enthusiast

There's a version of Portrait Professional that will suit just about any level of user and version 10 is the best incarnation to date. We found that it was easy to use, highly intuitive and new features including the ClearSkin option, plus intelligent skin defect and removal brushes are all highly potent tools.There's also an excellent interface that makes the experience a positive one. It makes tricky editing fun too.

March 2011 - British Journal of Photography

Portrait Professional Studio Edition continues to impress with its remarkable retouching abilities, ease of use and low price - the latter of which being easily recouped within the first couple of jobs.

March 2011 - Practical Photography

Great software that will allow you to improve your portrait shots with ease.

February 2011 - MacUser(UK)

Remarkable retouching software that makes the process pain free.

October 2010 - Software Latest

If you are keen on portrait photography I wouldn't even waste time downloading the trial, just go out and buy whichever version is best suited to your needs., version 9 or version 9/Studio you will never regret it and your friends will love you for it.

5 out of 5 Rating

Summer 2010 - The Royal Photographic Society DIGIT Magazine

I'm very impressed with the easy-to-follow workflow, the ability to undo and edit and the user-friendly interface. The results are excellent and success can be achieved in minutes.

March 2010 - Shutterbug

I kept a little list of pros and cons next to me when I started using the program. After just a short time I was quite amazed at how lopsided the list was, with all the weight on the "pros" side. I timed myself and it took me less than a minute from opening the file to finishing the image.

PP9 is a retouching tool that can help anyone produce an enhanced version of their original image in a very short time. And it does a great job at it. I highly recommend this software for photographers at all levels.

March 2010 - Brothersoft

Portrait Professional enhances people in the same way that good lighting and perfect makeup is used to make someone look more attractive. The software lets anyone look as good as a celebrity in a magazine.

Given an Editor's Pick Award

October 2009 -

Portrait Professional is a one stop application for enhancing studio portraits. It combines tremendous power and versatility with unprecedented ease of use, allowing even the least technically minded photographer to produce stunning, impressive results in a few minutes rather than hours.

What's truly extraordinary about Portrait Professional is its ease of use. A typical portrait takes less than five minutes to enhance, and the results are better than a skilled Photoshop User could achieve in an hour.

Portrait Professional is a dazzlingly clever piece of software that creates perfect portraits in five minutes. Every portrait photographer should check this out.

Easy to use, dramatic results in minutes, fully customisable.


The fastest and most effective way to turn a routine portrait into a thing of beauty.

September 2009 -

A photographer's secret weapon - Portrait Professional 9

Portrait Professional 9 from Anthropics pushes the boundaries further, allowing one to enhance portraits so easily it's almost ridiculous.It can definitely turn a few hours of retouching into a 10 minute play time and if used sparingly it can do wonders.

The downsides? Well, if everybody get their hand on it, no Facebook pic will remain untouched. God help us all.

Click here to see the review

September 2009 - Anthropics Technology Named In 2009 Tech Media Invest Top 100
Tech Media Invest

Anthropics Technology, maker of the world-leading Portrait Professional photo-editing software, is delighted to announce that it has been selected in the 2009 Tech Media Invest Top 100 list, as revealed in the Guardian newspaper, recognising the hottest emerging and most innovative companies in the technology and media industries.

August 2009 - cnet

Reviewed by: CNET staff on August 20, 2009

We have to admit we were skeptical. We've messed around in Photoshop before and had no idea what we were doing. Portrait Professional promised to be easy, but how easy could it be? Surely it would require some kind of photo-editing skills, right? Wrong.

It doesn't really get any easier than this. Open a photo, and the program guides you though the process of adjusting a series of outlines over the subject's facial features. Even this doesn't have to be exact. Once you've done this, the program works its magic, and you're done.

We are not exaggerating when we say that anyone could use this program.

Click here to see the article.

July/August 2009 - Photo Techniques
Photo Techniques

Portrait Professional, a Retoucher's Dream

The great news is that with Portrait Professional I can save time, create fantastic images with wonderful skin tones, and reshape the structure of the face including width of the eyes, shape of the jaw, length of the neck, and even change eye color if the mood strikes me.

This is a program that works extremely well and it's fun and easy to use. Portrait Professional provides great time savings and a well-done retouching option. However, Portrait Professional offers much more than just the skin retouching, and I find the face sculpting to be an invaluable addition to my set of tools.

I love this prog'. It's easy and fun to use, and gives me options that make my images better and my clients happier.

July 2009 - Professional Photographer
Professional Photographer

Pro Review: Portrait Professional v9.0

Not only does this program retouch the photograph, it slightly restructures the face giving it a more pleasing appearance. While most of us would need an array of tools, filters and adjustments to accomplish all this in Photoshop, Portrait Professional v9.0 can do this extremely complex task with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Portrait Professional v9.0 seems too good to be true, but it's actually extremely easy to use and streamlines workflow in a way that saves a tremendous amount of time.

Although the application uses a set of complex algorithms to define the changes, the steps you are required to perform for each portrait are simple and straightforward.

Overall, this application is one I would use with all my portraits. In most cases, the automated retouching and face reshaping needed no further adjustment. The extensive set of effective tools to fine-tune each aspect make it easy to correct anything that doesn't look quite right. This program encompasses all that is required to create a completely retouched image in a condensed and easy to use interface.

July 2009 - Computer active

Portrait Professional makes magazine-quality results almost ridiculously easy to achieve: users don't need to know anything about photo retouching.

Easy and effective portrait retouching for beginners or experts. Although the hard stuff is taken care of by the software itself, the final result is very much under the user's control. Each adjustment can be individually tweaked using simple sliders, grouped into handy categories.

Portrait Professional 9 is a rare program, simultaneously powerful and easy to use.

A genuinely useful tool for those interested in creating portraits.

5 stars, and a "buy it!" recommendation.

July 2009 - Photoshop Creative
photoshop creative

Transform your portraits into stunning, professional-standard images.

Portrait Professional is a program with a powerful engine that enables you to enhance and sculpt the models in portraits.

The question is - why not use Photoshop instead of a plug-in like Portrait Professional? One reason is the precision and simplicity of the software, which makes it a pleasure to use.

The changes made using the sliders are convincingly blended together, and the attention to detail is tremendous. Easy to follow interface. Vast array of adjustment sliders. Great end results.

Portraits can take on a new face with this easy-to-use plug-in/standalone software.

Best value award - 3 out of 3 stars rating

June 2009 - Macworld

Anthropics has launched Portrait Professional 9 an update of the portrait airbrushing software available for Mac and PC.

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June 2009 - Popular Photography
popular photography

No Photoshop skills required. Results look natural. Interface is intuitive to use. For an inexpensive program, it can really improve your portrait subjects and doesn't require Adobe Photoshop. The only skill you need is an aesthetic sense to keep you from going overboard with your beautifying.

April/May 2009 - Photoshop User, National Association of Photoshop Professionals

Portrait Professional is a comprehensive tool that does one thing and does it very well - it edits portraits to your heart's content. I warmed up to this application very quickly because it's simple, it works, and although there is a multitude of features, it doesn't take long to get a handle on it. Oh yeah, it's fun too.

4.5 out of 5 stars

April 2009 - Foto Idea
Foto Idea

Portrait Professional is definitely a great program, easy to use and extremely efficient, you should try it!

original text in Italian:
Portrait Professional è, in definitiva, un programma di grande qualità, semplice da utilizzare ed estremamente efficace, assolutamente da provare!

rating: 9.5 out of 10

December 2008 - Personal Computer World

Astonishing results for very little effort. Five out of five star rating.

Professional-looking results can be achieved in minutes with this software. It's powerful enough for real work, with a price low enough to make it worth buying just for fun.

October 2008 - Computer active

Provides very fine editing control for portrait photography.

September 2008 - ThinkCamera

"money well spent"

August 2008 - MacUser

The truly surprising thing about Portrait Professional is not that it works, but that it works so well. As with all retouching, you need to know how much is too much and where to draw the line, but that's really about all you need to know.

An operator with very little skill or experience would have no trouble using it to make genuine improvements to portraits that you could only achieve in Photoshop if you really knew what you were doing. Even then, particularly where shape changes are involved, making the right selections and adjusting them would be the work of many minutes rather than just a few seconds.

August 2008 - Software Editorial
Software Editorial

Anthropics Portrait Professional 8.0 Review

Every once in a while you come across a piece of software that really stands out from the crowd. Portrait Professional not only stands out, but is head, shoulders and torso different.

Portrait Professional is simply the very best program available for enhancing photographs of people.

July 2008 - Macworld

Fast and intelligent image retouching tool makes Mac migration

The latest version of the software has been enhanced by further training in human appearance, particularly on the 3/4 views. In response to feedback from fashion photographers it also includes further shape beautification modes, such as neck lengthening.

Portrait Professional 8 also offers automatic hair recolouring, hair thickening and hair smoothing in the editing stage. It has similar enhancements for eyes and mouths. Iris colour, iris saturation, whiteness of the eye, pupil colour, and the sharpness and size of each eye can be individually controlled by sliders.

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February 2008 - Professional Imagemaker
Professional ImageMaker Magazine

This is a piece of software you can hardly be without, it is a remarkable bit of coding at an even more remarkable price, nothing we can write will top what you will find after your first couple of attempts! It comes with a cast iron recommendation. As footnote, we casually mentioned Portrait Professional to Gary Galt. He downloaded the software overnight and the following morning he showed it to a client who had come for a passport photograph, she went out with a large print as well as her passport picture - job done!

Professional Imagemaker is the magazine for members of the Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers, and the British Professional Photographers Association.

August 2007 - Personal Computer World - High-quality retouching at an ultra-low price
Personal Computer World Recommended Awarded 5 Stars out of 5

Pros: Very easy to use; low price; Excellent results
Cons: No make-up painting tools
Overall: Extremely easy to use and capable of stunning results without the need for advanced skills

Don't let the insanely low price fool you; Portrait Professional 6 is a tremendously powerful piece of software that can produce stunning results when used wisely.

July 2007 - Imaging Resource - Portrait Professional -- Automated Makeovers
Imaging Resource

Portrait Pro isn't really about beauty at all, but simple, time-tested flattery. It does simple retouching as well as more dramatic reshaping toward an ideal you may or may not find so ideal. That can't help but interest any professional interested in making a sale. Considering how easy the program is to use, there's nothing to fear, either.
But the greater achievement, it seems, is the program's ability to distinguish facial features like skin defects from pores and small wrinkles from the larger ones that define character. Giving you control over these categories of facial features -- as well as being able to store your settings as a preset -- means you can define your own level of flattery.

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June 2007 - ePHOTOzine - PortraitProfessional Max 5 - fantastic face enhancement software reviewed

The initial impression is one of jaw-dropping amazement. The automated processing can come up with a great result right out of the tin so to speak. All you have to do is then save the image and go on to the next one. What's very impressive is the way that surface skin imperfections can be removed while retaining surface texture, colour and shading. The fine lines and wrinkles are a bonus. The other impressive element is the ability to sculpt the face from head to jawline and this can make a huge difference to the impact of the photo. The lips and eyebrow tweaking is more subtle, but the eye enhancements are very effect, particularly if the subject was squinting in bright light, or their eyes were in shadow.

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April 2007 - New York Times - Looking Perfect, One Pixel at a Time
New York Times

Some companies are trying to automate the process. Among them is Anthropics Technology, which makes a software program called PortraitProfessional that gives the user about 80 ways to increase the beauty of a subject with algorithms that automatically shift and reshape the parts of a face.

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Rated five stars out of five at DownloadRage
DownloadRage logo

The software has been trained in all aspects of beauty. It allows you to choose how much to enhance the lighting, the skin texture and even how many wrinkles to remove. It even allows you subtly re-sculpt the face to make your subject look as good as possible.

Digital Photo News - Portrait Professional review
digital photo news logo

First portrait took me around 4-5 minutes to complete because I was new to program but second one was quite faster, no more then a minute.

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March 2007 - Psst Wanna Be A Portrait Professional
The greywulfs Lair logo

It's not often a piece of software makes me go Wow. Maybe I'm just too jaded from all the years in the industry...

March 2007 - Portrait Professional
The About logo

Portrait Professional is downloadable, intelligent photo retouch software from Anthropics Technology. After the user marks certain points on the face of a photo, the program contacts a remote server and presents a completely retouched photo. Users can adjust everything from teeth whiteness to eyebrow shape, and save tons of time over shopping portraits the old-fashioned way.

October 2006 - Anthropics Technology announces new milestone in image processing techniques
Anthropics logo

For those in the photographic industry this is a complementary tool that can reduce retouching time by upwards of 80% per image, and for the keen amateur this is a package that can create results previously unattainable without becoming a highly adept Photoshop user.

September 2006 - Guardian - Software to bring out the beauty in all of us
Guardian Unlimited logo

A new service launched earlier this month from Anthropics will do what many professional photographers and graphic designers can already do with Adobe's image manipulation program Photoshop - but a lot faster - by removing blemishes, wrinkles and glare caused by harsh lighting. But that's not all: it can rejig the contours of female faces to make them look more attractive.

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September 2006 - Guardian - Software to bring out the beauty in all of us
Guardian Unlimited logo

A new service launched earlier this month from Anthropics will do what many professional photographers and graphic designers can already do with Adobe's image manipulation program Photoshop - but a lot faster - by removing blemishes, wrinkles and glare caused by harsh lighting. But that's not all: it can rejig the contours of female faces to make them look more attractive.

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September 2006 - bliss - Airbrush Me logo

Look gorgeous in all your pics.

September 2006 - More - Airbrush Me
More magazine logo

We've got hold of a fantastic new package to radically improve the appearance of photos in digital photographs. Its amazing technology means that you can literally airbrush yourself to get rid of spots, wrinkles and signs of aging. You can also take away redeye, and sculpt your face to give it a Hollywood lift, too.

September 2006 - New Woman - Love your look!
New Woman magazine logo

Look AMAZING in all your pics!
Airbrush your photos with this genius new device - goodbye bad face days, hello model looks!

August 2006 - New scientist blog - Beauty and the digital beast
New Scientist blog logo

Since the arrival of digital cameras and Adobe Photoshop, professional photographers have been slimming down models’ already pencil-thin physiques and smoothing out the blemishes on their near-perfect faces with ease. But what if every photo posted online was enhanced?
It looks like we might find out sooner rather than later. London-based graphics company Anthropics has quietly launched software that makes any photo of a female face uploaded to this website more attractive.

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August 2006 - BBC News - From mortal to model
BBC News logo

While digital enhancement has been around for years, subtly airbrushing celebrities and models to make them a bit thinner, less spotty or better endowed, the mere mortal has been resigned to, well, looking like a mere mortal.
But new advances in digital enhancement software may mean dodgy snaps could soon be relegated to the photo album of the past.

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July 2006 - What Digital Camera - News article
What Digital Camera magazine logo

The world's pro photography scene is fast-paced and highly competitive. The number of images requiring that artistic finish for facial enhancement and retouching is vast and growing daily in demand. Hardly surprising therefore that Anthropics' professional suite of picture enhancement software - rapid, cost-effective and with breathtaking results - has caught the attention of photographic industry buffs.

July 2006 - Journalist and BBC Technology Correspondent Guy Kewney
news wireless logo

Anne Widdecombe gets a glam makeover - courtesy of Anthropics Never slow to pick up on edgy technology news,'s Guy Kewney seized the opportunity to use revolutionary image processing techniques from Anthropics to give people's favorite Anne Widdecombe a celebrity-style makeover. Anne makes a terrific subject for the consumer version of this new instant-youth-and-beauty software, but has Guy bitten off more than he can chew...?

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July 2006 - Suited phoneys vs honorable technocrats
The Register logo

The Register swoops on image perfection technology Tech industry hawks El Reg also noted the advance in technology - never before has such immediate and satisfying improvement been possible with today's leading photo-editing software packages.

You can see our mention here - no doubt the first of many...