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August 2018 -

Gadget Speak

Excellent product.

August 2018 -


If you photograph people who want to lose a few pounds of fat or want to gain a few kilos of muscles, then PortraitPro Body makes that very easy.

August 2018 -

Foto Hits

Redefining body proportions works best with PortraitPro Body. What sounds complicated actually can be achieved in the program in less than two minutes.

March 2018 -


PortraitPro Body 2 is ideal for people who want to tackle bodies. You can adjust the build of someone, the size, make the skin more beautiful and accentuate certain body shapes (or less).

Spring 2018 -
Digital Camera

Digital Camera

PortraitPro Body is a joy to use, yet this simplicity fronts a plethora of powerful tools.

It’s excellent value and an essential buy if you regularly shoot full-length portraits.

March 2018 - Machina


Works easily. Nice result. The Warp fixer prevents unwanted deformations.

March 2018 - KelbyOne Insider

KelbyOne Insider

The new PortraitPro Body 2 from Anthropics Technology Ltd. is Photoshop’s Liquify tool on steroids—no joke!

This always-skeptical reviewer was impressed.

Powerful software, it’s also very intuitive and easy to use straight out of the box.

April 2018 - Practical Photography

Practical Photography

Very powerful and returns good results.

Immediately opens up professional results to first-time users.

March 2018 - Professional Imagemaker

Professional Imagemaker

This intelligent new tool helps your image look natural and professional without hours of manual work.

February 2018 - N Photo

N Photo

The face-focused PortraitPro is seriously impressive. This full-body version looks set to be just as effective.

February 2018 - Cameracraft


A natural result was achieved very quickly. Improved speed and accuracy. Ideal companion to PortraitPro 17.

December 2017 - Rangefinder


PortraitPro Body offer photographers of all genres a quick and easy method of tweaking subjects to realistic perfection.

March 2017 - The Societies of Photographers

The Societies of Photographers

February 2017 - Photoshop User

Photoshop User

Fast, simple. Impressive piece of software.

February 2017 - Foto Hits Magazine

Foto Hits Magazine

Luckily, the software is designed to reach natural results. Hence, the proportions are rather nice.

To reach a convincing result, some points have to be marked up like the nose, face or limbs. Thanks to the instructions and easy to use tools, this can be done within five minutes.

Some people will find it rather appealing to have a subtle skin and tummy correction or a more pleasant light of a soft box. PortraitPro Body does apply this convincingly and with ease.

January 2017 - Nadir Magazine


A valuable tool for the professional and amateur photographer.

In the beginning I thought that it would work like the "liquify" tool in Photoshop, but PortraitPro Body goes far beyond.

December 2016 - Top Ten Reviews

Top Ten Reviews

Allows you to retouch portraits in a matter of minutes. This application is designed to perfect the entire body.

December 2016 - Shutterbug


PortraitPro Body is the definition of quick and easy and the results are great.

December 2016 - The Phoblographer


A valuable tool for those who often find themselves needing to smooth out skin rolls or tame some curves.

November 2016 - Foto Hits Magazine

Foto Hits Magazine

With only a few clicks body parts like the shoulders or hips can be defined and changed via sliders for slimming a body.

November 2016 - Rangefinder


If you like what PortraitPro can do for faces, you’re going to love PortraitPro Body.

November 2016 - F2 Cameracraft

F2 Cameracraft

With warp reshaping tools in Photoshop presenting a challenge to retoucher, Anthropics’ latest variation on the PortraitPro theme provides fast controls to adjust the human form.

October 2016 - Rangefinder


October 2016 - Professional Image-Maker

Professional Image-Maker

This product takes out the legwork and no Photoshop skills are required.

September 2016 - Dobre Programy

Dobre Programy

The advantage of the program is to work fast - in just a few minutes you can slim and shape the body, gently reposition, smooth skin and musculature model or models.

August 2016 - SLR Lounge

SLR Lounge

No longer is there a need for complicated tools and tedious refinement when software like this revolutionizes the art of the retouching.