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PortraitPro Body

The first thing to do is to watch the tutorial videos built into the homepage of the application and work your way through the accompanying tutorials. This will introduce you to most aspects of the software.
Each section also has a help icon. When you click on this it will give you guidance pertaining to the controls in that section. During the markup progress, there is a help window (which can be opened or closed via the "view" menu) which takes you through each step and provides examples. In addition, there is a manual which is available via the help window in the software, or online as a PDF which you can print. You can also contact the customer support team with any questions you might have.
1GHz processor or faster recommended.
4GB RAM minimum recommended. To handle larger images (8 megapixel or more) you would benefit from having 8GB or more RAM.
Windows - 64-bit Windows 11, 10.
Mac - 64-bit macOS 10.14 or later.
Yes, PortraitPro Body Studio edition will preserve the color profile of the imported image.
On a Mac you can remove PortraitPro Body by simply moving it into the Trash. Then open the Finder view, then click on Go. For macOS Lion, hold down the Option key (ALT on non-Mac keyboards) and click on Library, and then Preferences. Earlier versions of macOS will have the Library folder visible in the Home Folder. Now scroll down and look for anything containing the name "PortraitProBody" and also move it to the Trash. In the Finder view, go to your home folder. Then click on Library, then Application Support and then Anthropics . Move to trash the PortraitProBody folder within the Anthropics folder.
On Windows 11 or 10 it can be removed by clicking the start button and typing "remove programs" and the option "Add or remove programs" will come up. Choose this and follow the instructions.
Another way to remove the software is to go to the "C:\Program Files" directory where PortraitPro Body was installed and finding the folder, normally with a name such as "PortraitPro Body 3". Now run the program in this folder called "unins000.exe" and the software will be removed.
Use the repair tool which is available in the "shape tools" menu. This will fix most problems.
The Warp Fixer tool can be used to repair backgrounds that have become distorted. Check out the tutorials page to learn more or follow the built-in tutorial in the software.
PortraitPro Body is primarily intended for editing body shape and appearance. The companion product PortraitPro is aimed at face editing and has many more controls that allow you change the face much more precisely.
In PortraitPro Body 3, most bodies are automatically detected. However, in older products you may need to mark up images manually. You can find a tutorial on our Tutorials page
At the moment this is a limitation of the software. To edit a second person, save out the image after modifying the first person and then load it back in to work with the second person. You can stop the other person being distorted by using the repair tool (available in the shape tools section) and the revert tool (accessible by holding down shift while using the repair tool).
PortraitPro Body should run at 10-20 frames per second depending on your machine. If you are using a laptop and it is significantly slower than this, make sure that the laptop is plugged in (some machines decrease processing power when running in battery mode) and that the Windows "Power Settings" are set to high performance. Finally, you may improve the speed somewhat by reducing the resolution of the screen. If none of this works, it may be due to a wider issue with your computer. Please contact the customer support team and they’ll work with you to diagnose the problem.
This is due to the way Dell Backup & Recovery installs as a Windows shell extension, which can cause other programs to crash when displaying the Windows file open dialog. There are two solutions to this problem:
1. Uninstall the Dell Backup & Recovery software.
2. Unregister the shell extensions that cause the problem. This is only for people who are confident in running command scripts on their computer. The following command script needs to be downloaded: unregister_dell_backup.cmd then follow these additional steps: Browse to the downloaded file, it will probably be blocked from running since it came from the Internet. Right click and choose properties and press the unblock button. Now right click again and choose to run the script as an Administrator.
There may be other programs besides the Dell Backup & Recovery program that also cause this issue, but this is by far the most common cause.