Can you send me a CD?


We prefer to supply the software as an instant download rather than a physical product. This helps us to keep our prices low and we also believe that this is a more convenient way for you to receive the software. Since we regularly release updates and fixes for the software, a disk would soon be out of date while our online downloads always reflect the most recent release.

If you have a computer problem or buy a new computer, you can simply re-install the software from your Anthropics support account where you'll find all of your purchases, activation tokens, and download links.

If you do require a physical copy of the software, please contact the support team.


Product Physical Copy Instant Download
Smart Photo Editor £39.90 £19.95
Smart Photo Editor Studio £69.90 £34.95

All physical products are shipped from the UK. Please note that these prices do not include postage & packing or any import charges required by your country of residence.

If this has not answered your question, open a support ticket to submit a question to our support staff.