How do I use Favorites and Presets?

A The Favorite Effects button on the right keeps track of all your favorite effects.

Any effect in the shortlist when you apply from the gallery will turn up here.

If there are any edits you frequently do (like a particular image treatment, some text you type in regularly, or even a set of area treatments), you can save them to turn up as a favorite. To do this, right click on the tab where you have done an edit and choose "Store Or Publish". You will be taken to the Tagging Effect panel, where you can give it a name and make it turn up in specific gallery sections. If you click "Tag For My Use Only" it will only be visible to you. If you click on Tag And Share Effect you will share it with the rest of the community and it will appear in all their galleries.

If this has not answered your question, open a support ticket to submit a question to our support staff.