Keyboard Shortcuts

A Application Wide Shortcuts
Hold SpaceTemporarily goes into pan/zoom mode. Click once to zoom in or out and drag to pan
F5Show the original image
F6Show the previous image
PlusZoom in
MinusZoom out
EscapeGo back to last step
ReturnGo to next step
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + YRedo
Alt + Shift + ReturnFull Screen
Ctrl + SSave
Ctrl + OOpen

Home Panel Shortcuts
FShow and manage favourite and recent effects
GAdd Effect to whole photo
AAdd Effect to Part of Photo
ORemove Objects
WCopy Colors from Web
ERed Eye
TTone Adjustment
DSelective Tone
RRotate 90 degrees clockwise
LRotate 90 degrees anticlockwise
8Rotate 180 degrees

Gallery Shortcuts
Page DownGo to next page of effects
Page UpGo to previous page of effects
Right ArrowGo to next effect while in detailed view
Left ArrowGo to previous effect while in detailed view
[Make brush smaller
]Make brush larger
SAdd effect to shortlist
Any numberJump to numbered effect in detailed view

Brush Shortcuts
Hold AltTemporarily toggle to adding or erasing the selection
Hold ShiftLock the detector so you can move the brush into tight spaces
[ Make brush smaller
] Make brush larger

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