How do I remove Smart Photo Editor?


On a Mac you can remove Smart Photo Editor by simply moving it into the Trash. Then open the Finder view, then click on Go. For Mac OS X Lion, hold down the Option key (ALT on non-Mac keyboards) and click on Library, and then Preferences. Earlier versions of OS X prior to Lion will have the Library folder visible in the Home Folder. Now scroll down and look for anything containing the name "anthropics photo editor" and also move it to the Trash. In the Finder view, go to your home folder. Then click on Library, then Application Support and then Anthropics . Move to trash the Photo Editor folder within the Anthropics folder.

On Windows Vista and Windows 7 it can be removed by clicking the start button and typing "remove programs" and the option "Add or remove programs" will come up. Choose this and follow the instructions.

On Windows XP go to the control panel and choose "Add or remove programs" and follow the instructions.

Another way to remove the software is to go to the "c:\Program Files" directory where Smart Photo Editor was installed and finding the folder, normally with a name such as "Smart Photo Editor". Now run the program in this folder called unins000 and the software will be removed.

To remove the gallery: Go to C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local and delete the folder named PhotoEditor.

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