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batch example

With Smart Photo Editor you can batch apply an effect to a folder of photos, SPE will then automatically open, edit and save your images with just one click. In this case we wanted to use the same effects on a series of wedding photographs, to give them a vintage feel.

Step 1:

The first thing to do is to place a copy of all of the images that we want to edit into the same folder.

Step 2:

Next, open up one of the images into SPE.

Step 3:

To create this vintage look we need to apply two effects, ‘Sepia’ and ‘Vignette Fade Edges’. It’s worth nothing at this point that it’s not possible to batch apply an effect, when we have selected or erased areas of an image.

Step 4:

Once we are happy with the results, we go to ‘File > Batch Apply Effect’, and navigate to the folder of images. Select all of the images that we want to edit and click ‘Open’. SPE will then open up the images one at a time and apply the effect that we created in Step 3.