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Smart Photo editor offers a set of intuitive, user-friendly editing tools to help make your photos look great with very little effort.

  • Keeps a history of all the effects you have applied
  • Makes it easy to go back and adjust any effect at any time
  • Gives easy, intuitive control of even the most complex effects sequences
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  • Select hard and soft edged objects quickly and easily
  • Mask over difficult areas, such as hair, tree branches, veils, and glass
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  • Quickly remove distractions and clean up your images
  • Remove complex objects from the scene to improve the composition
  • Match perspectives with the replacement backgrounds for increased realism.
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  • Combine the best parts of multiple images; swap heads, replace skies etc.
  • Create great montages quickly and easily, using the intuitive, interactive controls
  • Seamlessly merge the different elements for perfect results
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  • Complex or simple effects can be instantly applied to batches of images
  • This applies to both custom effects and effects from the gallery
  • Speeds up process without creative compromise
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Effects Editor
effects efitor
  • Ultra-powerful effects editor for sophisticated users
  • Unleashes your photographic creativity
  • Enables to share the effects you create with the community
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