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composite example

In this Smart Photo Editor tutorial we’re going to look at how to create a composite image, using two different photos.

Step 1:

The first thing to do is to load the photo of the two parrots into Smart Photo Editor.

Step 2:

Next, select the ‘Composite’ tool and load the image of the leaves in as a new underlay.

Step 3:

Then use ‘Select Area’ tool so that we can replace the old background with the image of the leaves. For this we used the soft edged brush to paint the mask in over the background area. It’s worth spending some time doing this, because the more accurate we are at this stage the better the final result will be.

Step 4:

Now that the new background has been revealed, we need to make the background blurred to simulate depth of field and make the image look more realistic. To apply an effect to the underlay layer click on ‘Effects Gallery’ in the underlay panel; for this image we selected the ‘Blur’ effect, and set the radius value to 30.