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mask example

With this image we want to remove some of the objects surrounding the tent, because they clutter the foreground. We also want to make the colours of the tent more vivid and enhance the sunset. To do this we will need to build up the effects in different layers. You can use Smart Photo Editor’s mask tool to build up different effects on your image in the same way.

Step 1:

Use the ‘Erase’ tool to remove the object just to the right of the tent.

Step 2:

The moonlight is reflecting off the ground sheet, so we want to darken this area, this can be done with the ‘Select Area’ tool. Once the image area has been selected, the effect ‘Darken’ can be applied.

Step 3:

To make the sunset more dramatic the effect ‘Enhance Sky - Sunset’ was then applied to the image. Once again, any areas of the images that we don’t want to enhance need to be erased from the selection.

Step 4:

Finally, to make the tent pop out more against the colourful sunset, apply the ‘Detail’ effect to the tent area only.